we are a generous, relaxed and inspiring church community
in the mitcham hills area of adelaide, south australia

As a faith community of the Uniting Church, we welcome people from all backgrounds, beliefs
and ages to share with us as we engage with the life changing news of the gospel.

Our Core Values...

declare jesus is lord

We believe that Jesus is not only the most influential person in human history, but he is the Son of God and Lord of all. 


Engage with the bible for life change 

The Bible is inspired by God and contains truth, wisdom and beauty that can change our lives.



Following the example of Jesus, we believe God calls us to a life focused on those around us.



God not only calls all of us into relationship with him, but also into meaningful relationships with others.


empower people to lead

We want to be a church that gives people the tools and support to lead in their homes, workplaces, communities and civic spaces..